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When it comes to health care, we have always believed there is no “one-size- fits-all” solution. Rather, we have to look at a patient’s health from many different angles. Our integrative model promotes communication and easier access to make healthcare more convenient for patients suffering from obesity, diabetes, hypolipodemia, COPD, and/or hypertension.

The Carolina Partners Center for Integrative Care will take that philosophy a step further, by connecting you — the patient — to your own, personal care team! This team will include a central provider and an ongoing team of specialists who will communicate and work together to meet all your health care needs.

Real Value Comes from Being Well.

The goal of this healthcare model is to devise a comprehensive, holistic treatment plan that is tailored to the individual needs of every patient. The plan might include a combination of medical treatment, therapy, medication management, preventative care, and health-promoting services. We will assure an ongoing, personal relationship between you, your provider, and your patient care team.

Now, for the first time, your medical provider, psychologist, nutritionist, life coach, health coach, and even your acupuncturist will all be connected by one single, fully integrated network that will work tirelessly to bring you the comprehensive care you deserve!

Integrative Care for obesity, diabetes, hypolipodemia, CPOD, and/or hypertension

Treatment Areas

If you, or a loved one, is suffering from one or more of the following illnesses, our team of experts will work together and develop a treatment plan that will cover all of your physical and mental health needs.



(high cholesterol)



Integrative Care for obesity, diabetes, hypolipodemia, CPOD, and/or hypertension

Your Integrative Team

Ms. Crenshaw earned her MSN from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. During her previous employment at WakeMed Health & Hospitals, she received several awards, including the Professional Nursing Excellence Award for outstanding clinical performance.

Kelly Crenshaw, NP | Raleigh Psychiatry

Elsa Bagnulo has over two decades of experience as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner. She has worked in numerous hospitals and care centers for a wide variety of patients. This has given her a vast amount of experience with hospital care and medicine, emergency care, long-term-care, and case management.

Elsa Bagnulo, ANP-BC | Raleigh Primary Care

Our professional associates have experience dealing with virtually every mental health care issue. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach that assures every client the absolute best treatment currently available. This includes psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and psychological therapy.

Integrative health coaching (IHC) is characterized by a process of self-discovery, focused on goal setting and building internal motivation by linking clients’ goals to their values and sense of purpose. Time, commitment, and motivation are necessary  in the IHC process. (Wolover et al, 2010, An integrative health coaching: an organizational case study)

Your health coach will work with you to formulate a plan to reach your goals. They will guide you in making well-defined, measurable goals, and will hold you accountable for making forward progress. IHC achieves lasting results by using a personalized approach that fits each individual’s unique life circumstances (, May 15, 2016, Your patient should get a health coach. Here’s why). Your IHC will assist you in understanding  and implementing recommendations made by your providers.

Your Health Coaches

Everyone needs support in life. Life coaching is a powerful way to create a support apparatus for the wholeness of your life. Regardless of your history, you will come into a coaching session as a unique human being with specific needs, gifts, desires, and obstacles.

Our coaches will not diagnose you; nor will they attempt to “ fix” something “wrong” or “broken” within you. Rather, our coaches see all their clients as creative, intelligent human beings who are more than capable of creating the life that will make them happy and fulfilled. In coaching sessions, you will access your own potential to solve problems and create meaningful ways of interacting with world, empowering you to build a life of lasting happiness and confidence.

Your Life Coach

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