Mimi Gardner, LCSW

Mimi Gardner, LCSW

Mimi Gardner, LCSW

Service Type: Therapy, Life Coaching

Age Range: 6-85 Yrs.

Address: 3604 Shannon Rd, Ste 200, Durham, NC 27707

Contact: 919-403-2122

Mimi Gardner earned her MA from the University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration, in Chicago, Illinois. She has over 20 years of clinical experience as a social worker and administrator. Her many duties have included developing programs for nonprofits, running large-scale training in parenting and child-abuse prevention, directing day-to-day operations, and providing individual, family, and group therapy for patients. Mimi works at our Durham, NC location where she provides family counseling, anger management, substance abuse counseling, and PTSD counseling for ages 6-85.

Why did you choose mental health as a career path?

“I chose mental health as a career path because I wanted to help work through issues. I am here to listen and help you problem solve.”

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