Clinical Trials

Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare is pleased to participate in a number of clinical trials from partnered sponsor organizations that pioneer new mental health diagnostics and treatments.

Clinical trials offer a way to evaluate potential new medications, therapies, or tests, under controlled conditions. This important step in medical research helps scientists and healthcare professionals to recognize and develop new treatments for a variety of different medical conditions. All new treatments must go through this evaluation process in order to receive federal approval for the broader healthcare market.

The National Institutes of Health provide a discussion about deciding if participating in a clinical trial may be right for you, and what enrolling in a clinical trial may involve for you as a patient. This information may be found on the NIH website by clicking HERE.

Current Clinical Trials

The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Brainsway Deep TMS (DTMS) for the treatment of PTSD. Deep TMS in conjunction with brief trauma exposure will be compared to sham treatment in conjunction with brief trauma exposure, in a multicenter, randomized, controlled study for the treatment of PTSD. Study duration is 9 weeks, consisting of 4 weeks of treatment and a 5 week and 9 week follow-up visit.

This study is to evaluate the effectiveness, safety, and tolerability of JNJ-42847922 versus Quetiapine extended-release as adjunctive therapy to antidepressants in adult subjects with Major Depressive Disorder who have responded inadequately to antidepressant therapy. Age group is 18-70.

Coming Soon!

This study is designed to evaluate long-term weight changes associated with multi-year risperidone and aripiprazole therapy in children ages 3-18. This study will also provide insights into the overall long-term safety and the effects of both drugs on psychiatric and behavioral symptoms. It will further evaluate long-term development, functioning, and quality of life in children treated with these anti psychotics. Lastly, the sub-study will estimate PK parameters in subsets of young and obese children.

This study will evaluate the effects of a novel, highly-immersive, video game-based intervention for ADHD as adjunctive treatment to stimulants and HCS for children ages 8-18. . AKL-T01 was derived from a comparable cognitive training program shown to have robust effects on working memory, attention, and related control. AKL-T01 incorporates adaptive, simultaneous cognitive tasks in a consumer-grade action video game-like platform with high-quality graphics and reward mechanisms, and is deployed on mobile devices (i.e. tablets) that will be provided by the sponsor.

For more information about current trials available at Carolina Partners and the enrollment
process, please contact Lee Guile, Clinical Trials Coordinator via phone at
919-792-3944 or e-mail

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