My Relapse

A relapse, simply put, is a terrifying experience. One moment you’re riding a high – you’re feeling better than ever. The next, you feel like you’re falling headfirst into a pit of snakes. There are many different types of relapses that people experience. Most people are most familiar with drug relapses. Sadly, however, that isn’t…

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A few years ago, a friend and a coworker of mine was leaving the country for an indefinite period, and held a modest going-away gathering at a bar in Durham. My social anxiety compelled me to arrive early. My friend was there already, as was one of her friends: a writer and filmmaker who was…

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Do you know when you’re using harmful ableist language?

As a society, we in the United States are still largely ignorant of all the common, everyday ways that people who are able-bodied hurt people with disabilities, both mentally and physically. And most of the time, we don’t know we’re doing it. As Erin Tatum writes in Everyday Feminism, “able-bodied privilege is one of the…

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How to Cultivate Peace – Both Internal and External (part 1)

In this time of great cultural, political and social strife, it feels increasingly important for all of us to learn how to communicate with compassion for ourselves and others. Zen priest angel Koyodo williams says, “for us to transform as a society, we have to allow ourselves to be transformed as individuals.” Ghandi is often…

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Cranky? Feeling better may be as simple as breathing right.

I’ve recently started paying more attention to when I hold my breath throughout my day. Almost without exception, I’ve found that I hold my breath when I’m experiencing stress. Not only that, but the act of holding my breath makes me more stressed out! It becomes a vicious cycle. As soon as I resume mindful…

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Gardening & How It Makes Us Happier

Simply put – life can be challenging. It’s sometimes hard to get through the day, and proven coping mechanisms such as physical exercise and stress relief can be hard to come by in our breakneck world. We’re always trying to find new ways to help ourselves make the challenge of self-care a little easier. And…

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“Stop Crying Like a Girl” – Growing up with Toxic Masculinity

As a child I was, as my peers so often liked to call me, a bit of a crybaby. I had always been prone to emotional expression, whether it was after watching a sad movie or because I was feeling lonely. I even recall crying once after my teacher broke it to me that a…

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Getting it Down – Expressing your Feelings through Art

I was recently going through some old boxes of mine, both to organize my old belongings and to go on a bit of a nostalgia trip. Among the polaroid photos, handmade Super Ari stories so old that my toddler scrawl of nonsense had faded away into the yellow pages, and elementary school behavioral progress reports…

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