Asexuality can be a rather confusing term – and if you’ve never heard of it before, or even if you have, chances are you’re not 100% sure what it means. Asexual (also commonly referred to as “Ace”) can be translated to “not sexual”. It’s a sexual identity that is most commonly used by those who…

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February Mental Wellness Tip – Take Time to Enjoy

For many people, acknowledging their enjoyment of something is as simple as saying, “I like this.” If you were, for example, eating a delicious, perfectly ripe pomegranate, you may say to yourself or another person, “This is delicious,” and then move on to thinking about other things. But a lot can happen if you allow…

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The Subtlety of Mental Illness

Growing up, I never really thought of myself as suffering from mental illness. I had family members and friends who experienced potent and difficult mental illnesses across the spectrum – ones that were obvious and easy to pin down when I was a young child. This person is depressed, this person has compulsions, this person…

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Have you ever wondered where to begin in finding a Mental Health Professional (MHP) that best addresses your needs? Consider the following to begin your search: Decide if you are looking for someone to prescribe medication, or someone to talk to. Treating a mental health condition sometimes requires at least two separate professionals, one focusing…

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Bisexual Erasure

Bisexuality is a sexual identity that some people, unfortunately, just flat out don’t believe in. It’s somewhat understandable – if someone only has the ability to love one sex, it may be hard to see the other side. Additionally, media representation of bisexual people tends to not take their sexuality seriously (in ways I will…

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5 Important Nutrients To Include This Year

For many people, the winter does not only bring about colder weather; it can bring on feelings of depression, lack of motivation, and overall decreased energy. These are symptoms of what you may know as “winter blues”, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Lack of sunlight in the winter months can decrease our production of serotonin, which…

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College Stress

It’s time to go back to school! Many young students will be entering their first or second semester of college this Spring. How can you avoid stress and anxiety during this transitional time in their lives? Planning a schedule When signing up for classes, it is wise to set up a schedule for yourself. What…

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Psychiatric Medications and Weight Management

When it comes to achieving and maintaining an optimal state of mental health, your mental healthcare provider may feel it’s necessary for you to be on medication as part of your treatment plan. Unfortunately, a common side effect of some psychiatric medications is weight gain. Some studies have concluded that 1-4 cases of obesity is…

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