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When Grief Becomes Complicated

First, there was my father. I made the three hour round trip to the hospital several times a week for months just to sit with him. I watched his blue eyes fade and his complexion turn to ash as he slowly slipped away. One bright October morning, at 80 years of age, he died of…

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The Sameness in Otherness – Inclusivity in Religious Private Schools

I have always considered myself lucky to be living in the United States as a member of the Baha’i Faith. My father’s side of the family originally came from Iran, my father moving to the States in 1968. Since the Iranian revolution, members of the Baha’i Faith have been treated, to put it lightly, poorly…

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Fibromyalgia and Its Effect on Mental Health

One of the most common pain disorders, affecting roughly 3 to 6 percent of the world’s population [1], fibromyalgia is a very frustrating disorder with little understanding of what causes it and no real cure. This can become increasingly demoralizing to those who suffer from it. Sadly, fibromyalgia is not just a pain disorder. Depression…

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Neurodiversity and Life on the Spectrum

The term “neurodiversity” comes from the belief that irregular neurological conditions are a normal part of life, and that we should come to accept those who are different than us rather than try to “cure” them. As I’ve come to learn that I am somewhere on the spectrum of autism myself, I have begun to…

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New Year, New You

The New Year is a time of natural reflection and goal setting. Frequently, people seek to begin therapy around the New Year because they are motivated to improve their lives, or because the holidays just wrapped up and family members have encouraged them to make changes. While we do not need a new year or…

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Count with Me: Bipolar Disorder & Anger

In a recent blog post, I talked about the difficulties of being a parent while managing bipolar disorder. But one of the most difficult aspects of this is dealing with the accompanying anger, which requires a whole separate discussion. Many people don’t know that bipolar mania isn’t just a precursor to depression: it also causes…

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Mental Health and Growing Up Asian American

My parents immigrated to the United States to give my siblings and me a better life. They gave up everything they had established in Laos so we could have a chance at something better. My mother always taught me to work hard to achieve my dreams. When things got tough, I was told I needed…

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The Truth About Postpartum Anxiety

I never fully recognized myself as an anxious person before having kids. I think this was mainly due to lack of self-awareness, but I was also able to live a more carefree life when I did not have children. Anxiety was likely always there, sneakily presenting itself in hidden forms, but I did not notice…

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