Emotional Eating

From infancy, we develop an intense emotional relationship with food. Eating nourishes our bodies, certainly; but it also brings us comfort, satisfaction, and an incredible sense of security.  It provides us with immediate gratification unlike anything else.  Depending on our cultural/social influences, we learn to associate food and eating with celebrations of developmental and achievement…

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How to Be Yourself (In a World that Wants You to Be Someone Else)

“Just be yourself.” People throw this aphorism around like it’s that simple: “All you have to do is say, “just be yourself,” and then it happens!” While this contains a kernel of truth, the saying deceptively suggests that being yourself is a passive endeavor. In truth, it requires a strong intentionality. This is because of…

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Self Care Tips for the Coming Fall

Do you feel a chill in the air? School is back and the leaves are turning. It looks like Autumn is returning, full swing! Unfortunately, with the pumpkin lattes and fashionable scarves comes the steady chilling of the temperature outside, which in turn comes with a host of physical and psychological repercussions. What can you…

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Coconut Oil: Healthy or Not So Healthy?

The American Heart Association has released a review discussing the importance of limiting saturated fat in the diet to promote cardiovascular health, specifically advising against the use of coconut oil. The AHA focuses on the recent rise in the use of coconut oil, and how the public has started to view such a concentrated source…

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Finances and Mental Health: Part 1

When people usually think about mental health, they think of aspects such as emotional management, social support, sleep, exercise and even diet. But financial health is an equally important aspect of mental health, one that is often overlooked. Researchers at the University of South Hampton concluded that, “Researchers concluded the likelihood of having a mental…

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KNOW THE RISKS | Part Two: Too Much of a Good Thing

RISKY BUSINESS: A RECAP A few weeks ago, we talked about May is Mental Health Month, the nationwide initiative to educate the public about the facts and fictions of popular mental health perception. This year, the nonprofit Mental Health America ( is spreading awareness about a concept they are calling Risky Business: We believe it’s…

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